Cannabidiol (CBD)

Formula: C21H30O2
Molecular Mass: 314.2246 g/mol
Boiling Point: 180 °C (356 °F)

Cannabidiol is “non-psychoactive” (in that it does not produce the euphoria, time dilation, or anxiety normally produced by THC) and has been shown to be extremely valuable in the treatment of seizure disorders such as MS and Epilepsy. Its lack of psychoactivity makes it ideal in treating children, the elderly and patients that prefer to remain clear headed and focused. CBD is often as effective as THC in the management of pain and tumors. CBD also lowers blood sugar, and has been used in the treatment of Diabetes. CBD has a calming effect, and is useful in the treatment of stress related disorders and sleep loss.

source: Steep Hill

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What does CBD isolate mean?

You’re already likely aware of the powerful medicinal benefits of CBD oil. Derived from hemp and non-psychoactive, CBD compounds are highly useful for a variety of conditions, most prominently pain management and anxiety assistance.

The reason that isolate stands alone in the field of CBD products is the way it’s produced. While full and broad spectrum CBD products contain some or all of the hemp plant, CBD isolate is just CBD. This makes it ideal for people who don’t want any THC in their product.

So just what is CBD isolate? It’s the purest form of CBD that you can buy. By separating out the CBD from the plant derivatives, the resulting product is pure CBD without THC or anything else from the hemp plant. This makes it the safest bet for someone who wants the benefits of CBD but who might want to avoid the THC sometimes found in other CBD products.

By extracting the CBD oils from the hemp plant and then going further to process the CBD to remove all of the hemp particulates. What you’re left with is 99% pure CBD, and it has a great many applications.

Why use CBD isolate over other types?

CBD isolate has a couple of advantages over other types of CBD delivery methods. For one, it can be easily mixed into other things like low-temperature baked goods (it loses its effectiveness above 350 degrees). You can also mix it into whatever oil suspension you like so that you know it’s higher purity than normal CBD oil.

The other main reason that people choose CBD isolate over other forms of the product is due to the way it’s produced, so as to not contain any THC. Where some hemp derivatives are vague in the way they’re marketed, CBD isolate will never have THC in any amount. So does CBD isolate get you high? Not at all – no CBD product should, but isolate is the safest and purest form you can take.

hemp cbd isolate

What can you do with CBD isolate?

Because CBD isolate can be mixed into pretty much anything and ingested, the applications are really only limited by 2 things: your imagination and the fact that you can’t heat it over 350 degrees. What temperature does CBD isolate melt? Around 350 degrees. The point is to keep baking applications under 350 as much as possible.

  • How do you use raw CBD isolate?

  • Does CBD isolate dissolve in alcohol?

  • Does CBD isolate dissolve in oil?

  • How do you dissolve CBD isolate?

How do you use raw CBD isolate?

Isolate mixes well in any edible oil. Just like with non-isolate CBD oils, probably the easiest method for ingesting isolate is to simply place a dose under your tongue and let it be absorbed for about 60 seconds.

Another popular option is to mix it in with body lotions – particularly ones for muscle pain – and use it as a topical pain reliever.

Does CBD isolate dissolve in alcohol?

Because CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it won’t dissolve in water, it won’t readily dissolve in ethanol, either. Oil suspensions are the best bet to fully use CBD isolate.

Does CBD isolate dissolve in oil?

It does! This allows you to make CBD oils that you can be confident in, as you know they are pure and without any CBD or hemp plant particulates. Again, the benefit here is that you can make your own suspensions, knowing you’re just getting CBD.

How do you dissolve CBD isolate?

It’s not difficult at all! CBD isolate can be mixed with any food grade oil, with MCT or coconut oil being pretty popular. Remember, it will get absorbed by your body just by being placed under your tongue. So if you were asking “can you take CBD isolate orally”, don’t worry – that’s the easiest way, just mix it with your favorite oils.

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Vaping and CBD Isolate

Vaping is a popular method for taking CBD oil and you can vape isolate as well. Before you go further, you might ask “does CBD isolate need to be decarbed”?

Decarbing is the process where the acidic cannabidiol compounds are made usable through the application of heat. For CBD isolate, decarbing is part of the process, so you shouldn’t have to do anything extra to make your CBD usable.

So can you add CBD isolate to vape juice? Absolutely, it isn’t advisable however because you cannot be sure if you’re doing it correctly. Rather than opening yourself up to contamination, it’s best to purchase professionally made CBD vape juice.

A study by Scott Shannon, MD, ABIHM indicated positive results treating anxiety and insomnia patients with CBD.

source: PMC, US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health

Applications for CBD products

CBD has gotten quite a bit of notoriety in the last few years. This is because its anti-inflammatory properties are incredibly potent. In addition the fact that it’s a potent pain reliever gives people options beyond prescription pain relievers.

CBD oil and isolate also has the advantage that it doesn’t produce the psychoactive effects that THC does. You can get all of the healing effects without the high that THC compounds provide. Finally, CBD oil is largely legal all over whereas THC is not yet, so CBD isolate is far more available.

  • Is CBD isolate good for anxiety?

  • Is CBD isolate or full spectrum better for anxiety?

  • Is CBD isolate or broad spectrum better for anxiety

Is CBD isolate good for anxiety?

While you should consult with your doctor to treat any condition, you can easily use CBD in addition to any other anxiety management protocol to see improved results. CBD isolate hasn’t been found to interfere with prescription medications as of yet but there is still little research in this area, so again, consult with your doctor., you will get the mood benefits of CBD to work in tandem with your counseling or prescription therapies. Some studies have indicated positive results treating anxiety and insomnia patients with CBD, which is promising.

Is CBD isolate or full spectrum better for anxiety?

Full spectrum CBD includes everything from the hemp plant; CBD, small amounts of THC, waxes, chlorophyll, terpenes, etc.

CBD isolate is a powerful way to get a very pure, potent dose of CBD without all of the other stuff in the hemp plant. There are some downsides when compared to full spectrum CBD oils. This is because there appears to be a powerful interplay between the various aspects of cannabis when taken together that extracts and isolates can’t replicate.

So for some people, isolate might be preferable if they want to avoid any THC whatsoever. If you’re trying to avoid having any THC in your system at all, isolate is probably what you want but if you can take full spectrum, it’s worth seeing what works best for you.

Is CBD isolate or broad spectrum better for anxiety

This is another difficult call to make. The difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum is that full spectrum still contains some THC (though of course in small amounts). Broad spectrum is closer to CBD isolate in that it excludes the THC. Unlike the CBD isolate, however, broad spectrum CBD contains terpenes, waxes, chlorophyll, and other non-THC parts of the hemp plant.

So broad spectrum CBD is like CBD isolate with all of the non-THC parts of the plant still in. For some people, this means that you’re still getting some of the other therapeutic (but largely unstudied) bits of the hemp plant without the THC and this means better treatment effectiveness. For others, isolate is the way to go, and again, it’s better left to the consumer to try and see what works best for them.

Is CBD isolate right for you?

CBD isolate is good additional therapy for anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia as long as it works well with your current treatments. It’s ideal for someone who wants the benefits of CBD without worrying about even trace amounts of THC.

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