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Streamline the vetting process when you work with us on your bulk cbd buys. Sourcing top quality cannabidiol / CBD (that meets compliance standards) is the first step toward launching (or growing) your business and we want to thank you for considering as your smart source. Our CBD producers are registered with the Colorado, California, or Oregon State Departments of Agriculture to ensure cultivation conform with the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 and 2018 US Farm Bill. All products are manufactured by FDA approved facilities with verified ISO 9001:2015 certificates. Some products have been verified for cGMP (or GMP), they are specified on respective product pages.

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Simplify your bulk cbd buying process with confidence. is proud to work directly with USA farmers, extraction facilities and manufacturers to ensure the best of the best CBD-rich phytocannabinoids for you and your customers. WE DO NOT WORK WITH BROKERS DUE TO LACK OF SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSPARENCY AND/OR QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY OF PRODUCTS.

Raw hemp-derived cannabidiol ingredients (and concentrates) are currently available in crude oil, distillate and isolate. Formulations for crumble, wax, shatter, and water soluble applications are under development and available soon. CBD-rich flower and kief are available through special order, please contact us for more details.

Ready to sell vape mods, pods, cartridges, bottled e-juices, tinctures, gummies and soft gels are currently available finished goods from our top alliance network of brands.

Top selling white label products come conveniently bottled for tinctures, gummies, and soft gels. Private label formulations (that meet MOQ) for vape oil and e-juice are available in bulk, bottled, and cartridges.

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The featured brands in our alliance network are cherry-picked based on quality, transparency, medicinal grade hemp CBD industry experience and certification. You will only find products that our (extremely picky) founder or the CBD Bulk Buy team use in their daily routine. WE DO NOT OFFER BRANDS USING WHITE LABEL PRODUCTS DUE TO LACK OF TRANSPARENCY (UNVERIFIABLE SOURCES IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN).

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